Care not Killing: Issue of Life

Judge decides woman should be kept alive

The High Court has ruled that food and fluids should not be withdrawn from a brain-damaged woman. On Wednesday, Justice Baker of the Court of Protection decided that M, a woman minimally conscious after an attack of encephalitis eight years ago, should not be allowed to die.

The Care Not Killing Alliance, an umbrella group of over 40 pro-life organisations, welcomed the ruling. The Alliance’s Campaign Director, Dr Peter Saunders, said: ‘This is a wise and sensible decision which upholds the law and maintains present levels of legal protection for severely brain-damaged people.

This woman was not imminently dying and did have some degree of awareness.’ The woman’s family had wanted her to die, but Justice Baker said that although she suffered pain, she also still enjoyed positive experiences.

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One Response to Care not Killing: Issue of Life

  1. Great decision! People have a right to die, but it must be balanced with the person’s desire to live. Thanks for this post!

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