Combatting AIDS: the major war facing our generation

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Christian charities unite to fight HIV

Christian aid agencies have joined secular charities in warning that the international community needs to work harder to tackle HIV.

The diverse group of organisations, meeting at Lambeth Palace as the UK Consortium on AIDS and International Development, say that stronger action is needed or the world will fail to meet its targets on HIV reduction. The Bishop of Wakefield opened the conference with a message from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Experts at the conference from groups like Christian Aid, Christian Medical Fellowship, Islamic Relief and the Salvation Army launched a report called Keeping the Faith. It calls for greater recognition of the key role played by faith-based organisations in responding to the HIV crisis.

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2 Responses to Combatting AIDS: the major war facing our generation

  1. conniewalden says:

    It is not the duty of Christians to fight against disease of any kind. Our efforts should be on sharing the Gospel of Christ in hopes that the hearer will believe it. Aids, Cancer, Diabetes, etc are diseases of the body. Sin is the disease of the soul. Aides has become a political issue mostly of the left. Christians cannot heal Aids, but we can show people a better way that will benefit and bring healing to the soul. Connie

    • kenbaker says:

      Hi Connie,
      Despite contemporary politicising, “Love your neighbour” and a Kingdom announced by preaching and healing confirm my total disagreement. God bless, Ken

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