Irish “Reform” on Gay Marriage

Withhold funds from C of I – Reform Ireland’s advice on same-sex issue

The News Letter reports today that the “conservative Church of Ireland group Reform Ireland has urged church lay people to withhold funds from the church.”

The News Letter report continued –

In a letter to lay people, it said: “Vestries should also make clear their unwillingness to financially support a system that endorses such an unbiblical and sinful lifestyle.

“Money is given in trust by parishioners to support the work of the Gospel, and the church in that work, not to promote ungodly teaching or lifestyles.”

It added: “Also, they should consider supporting and assisting their rector in seeking alternative Episcopal oversight.”

This was part of a report on the former Dean of Tuam’s address to Changing Attitudes Ireland.

The advice being given by Reform Ireland would appear to ignore the spirit and content of the recent pastoral letter from the House of Bishops.

Reform Ireland on its web site is extremely critical of both the Archbishop of Dublin and the Archbishop of Armagh.

The conference proposed by the Bishops is regarded suspiciously. One posting states: “From the Pastoral Letter, the setting up of a conference to study the issue of human sexuality is intended only as a beginning of what could be a relentless programme to grind down all opposition to the acceptance of same-sex partnerships as a valid Christian lifestyle. Once again, this has shifted the focus from where it should truly be – on the offending clergyman and bishops who have caused such division. In the light of the role of those bishops who knew this civil partnership was to take place and seemingly did nothing to prevent it, they should publicly repent. They have hardly served the best interests of the Church of Ireland by allowing this civil partnership to go ahead.”

It continues, “Furthermore, the appeal at the end of the letter for ‘all shades of opinion within the Church of Ireland to refrain from any actions or the use of emotive or careless language which may further exacerbate the situation within the church’, is also breathtaking in its hypocrisy.”

Another posting outlines in some detail, actions which could be taken by individuals, vestries and diocesan and general synod members.

Reform Ireland describes its approach to homosexuality thus : “…we cannot condone or support the homosexual lifestyle for it contradicts God’s purposes for men and women, opposes the cross, makes Christ out to be a liar, and leaves people under the misery and enslavement of sin.”

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