Unhappy Christmas for Irish children: Childline report


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Childline recieved almost 14 hundred calls and texts from Children around Ireland on Christmas Day -one a minute.

The Charity, which provides a phone service for Children with any issues, described it as a a 38 percent increase on last year.

85 volunteers manned the phones on Christmas Day to deal with the volume of calls.

Childline spokesperson Margie Roe, says many young people did not have a Happy Christmas due to family problems.

I’ve been reflecting on Jonathan Sack’s book To Heal A Fractured World.

How about this as a prayer for our hurting children:

“Happiness is the ability to say: I lived for certain values and acted on them. I was part of a family, embracing it and being embraced by it. I was part of a community, honouring its traditions, sharing its griefs and joys, ready to help others, knowing that they were ready to help me. I did not only ask what I could take; I asked what I could contribute. To know that you made a difference, that in this all-too-brief span of years you lifted someone’s spirits, relieved someone’s poverty or loneliness, or brought a moment of grace or justice to the world that would not have happened had it not been for you: these are as close as we get to the meaningfulness of a life, and they are matters of everyday rather than heroic virtue.”



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