The Hudson Taylor Tourist Trail?


Hudson Taylor circa 1865

Image via Wikipedia

Missionary trail may bring Chinese tourism boom to Barnsley

Barnsley is hoping that a heritage trail for James Hudson Taylor will bring in huge numbers of Chinese tourists.  The Mirror reports that the 19th century missionary, who was born in Barnsley, is ‘hailed as spiritual leader by more than 70 million Christians in the Far East‘.

Read more: The Mirror, 14/1

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4 Responses to The Hudson Taylor Tourist Trail?

  1. Well if it does at least millions of Chinese will understand why he left for the Far East in the first place…

    • kenbaker says:

      Hi Shardsofchina,
      Thanks for stopping by, but I’m sure you can have no clear idea just how beautiful Barnsley is.
      Especially from a distance,
      Cheers now,

      • Strangely I lived in Yorkshire for years before leaving the UK – all the industrial towns are beautiful at a distance – but many of them are huge disappointments when you get up close and personal. Except Huddersfield – which is just awful from afar too, as all the old town is gone except for the little square by the railway station, everything else got bulldozed for 1960’s monstrosities which is sad – though the surrounding area is amazing once you get out of the town.



      • kenbaker says:

        Hi Nick,
        I completely agree. I was being facetious: some of these post-industrial cities are beyond ugly.
        I was born in Sheffield myself and so reserve the right to be rude about it!
        God bless,

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