Cameron in the Enda zone

Taoiseach Enda Kenny and British prime minister David Cameron will today publish plans for the development of British-Irish relations for the next decade.

Mr Kenny will fly to London on a pre-St Patrick’s Day visit to agree closer bilateral engagement and increased economic co-operation, trade and investment between the two countries. The two leaders are also expected to reaffirm their commitment to the Northern Ireland peace process.

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams called on the Taoiseach to make it clear to the British Government that all outstanding commitments from the Belfast, Weston Park and St Andrews Agreements need to be honoured.

He also asked why there has been no inquiry into Pat Finucane’s murder or the Ballymurphy Massacre, and no co-operation with the Irish authorities in the inquiry into the Dublin/Monaghan bombings.

During his visit, the Taoiseach will also attend the London unveiling of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce at the Irish Embassy.

He will then travel to the Houses of Parliament where he will visit a commemorative exhibition in Westminster Hall to coincide with the centenary of the Third Home Rule Bill and attend the annual Champ St Patrick’s Day event.

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