The Disappearing Christmas Cards?

Of course Christmas cards are not disappearing! They are more evident than ever before, apparently. But, according to a survey of Birmingham shops reported in The Telegraph today,  out of a total of 5,706 designs only 66 (1.2%) featured depictions of the nativity.

The findings emerged a week after the 2011 census results were released, showing about 60% of the UK population would describe themselves as Christian.

So what does that mean? I guess it’s not the popularity of Christmas that’s on the wane, just that darn religious content that keeps getting in the way!NME-Xmas-Card-Amanda-Palmer
Read more: The Telegraph, 21/12/12

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One Response to The Disappearing Christmas Cards?

  1. Speaking as a slightly pagan non conformist non attending psudo christian to do this would start a childs life with a lie.

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