Of all the weird things Jesus did.

Why did he change water into wine? Apparently it was the very first miracle that he performed, and according to the record (in Gospel of John chapter 2) it “showed his glory.”

The thing that occurs to me about this event is how small it is. Do you know what I mean? Now someone has told me that the amount of water turned into wine equates about One Hundred Seventy Six Bottles of Plonk, which sounds fairly major for a village wedding. But still, that’s all it was: a village wedding. If Jesus wanted to “show his glory” why didn’t he do it in a more spectacular fashion? The devil actually offered a couple of spectacular options in the story of the “Temptations” (Nothing to do with sixties bands) and Jesus refused them as, well, as temptations away from his true path.

So why such a sideshow? The event was recorded, but it still happened offstage as it were, in a side-room, at Jesus’ mother’s request. It was done with delicacy and tact, ….so as to not embarrass the impoverished hosts, perhaps?

So if it does “show his glory”, it’s definitely glory under wraps. Glory that you only see out of the corner of your eye. Like a crop of daisies in your garden. You might even tread them underfoot and fail to observe the delicacy, the exquisite design, the sheer fun of them.

Maybe we tread on miracles every day.

To me, speaking personally, the wonder is right there, in the littleness of it, in Jesus taking something that is nothing much and making it amazing.

Certainly that is how I experience his presence in my life. God takes something quite bland and tasteless (like me, like water) and turns it into something intoxicating!

A friend of mine said (just a moment ago on Facebook) that life was made for being in love. Isn’t that an interesting thought? Maybe you cringed a little (as I did) but I do know what he meant. Being in love colours the whole of life. It turns it from water to wine.

The usual becomes astonishing. You smile at traffic delays because your destination is secure. You know something and it makes you smile.

You are loved, and valuable.

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