God: Interactive, Participatory, Conversational!

John Henry Newman wrote “I sought to hear the voice of God and climbed the topmost steeple, but God declared: “Go down again – I dwell among the people.”

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us.”         John 1:14.

The God of the Bible is not afar off, nor is he difficult to reach. The whole wonder of the incarnation is that God came to us. But to the readers of the first century, this verse was packed with much more meaning.

It meant that the thinking processes of God were being made comprehensible; that the wisdom of God was being unpacked; that the communication of God was now coming through loud and clear. It was as if a long-distorted radio signal was now tweaked into clarity.

The word is coming through!

So that means that God’s voice could be understood and acted upon. If “the word became flesh” then God had become interactive, participatory, conversational! God was providing an audio-message to show the way through the puzzle of life.

And Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life.” God provides the direction I need to go, the instructions I need to know, and the only satisfying kind of existence I need to experience.

As they say around here: “Sounds like a plan.”

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