So is it REALLY “Don’t Worry – Be Happy?”

“Therefore don’t be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’” Matthew 6:31.

Don’t be anxious!

Why would you be so? The passage gives three suggestions. Food, drink and fashion. It sounds like the table of contents of a popular magazine.

Of course, anxiety because of a lack of food, drink or clothing is one thing, but in our society, I’m ashamed to say, our anxiety is all about choice. What low-cholesterol food is suitable for my diet? Have you tried this new lager? Look at the handbag she’s carrying – with those shoes!

Our anxiety is often pretty trivial, it has to be said. But Jesus’ words cut a bit deeper than this. The verse is in the context of a general reminder of God’s fatherly protection, provision and care.

He is reminding us –for one thing – to ask without telling God how to provide!

If we assume we know how God will provide for our needs, we may develop attitudes of presumption, impatience, and ungratefulness. When God does not provide in the ways we expect, our disappointment may breed resentment toward God and the people to whom we looked for assistance.

The point in all this is that God must take centre-stage, and he will not be usurped even by the provision of our needs. Your heavenly father knows, and he supplies. So don’t be anxious.

And then you may have more time to be happy.

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