Let’s hear it for beautiful feet!

Dr Ken Baker

I have spectacularly ugly feet.
They’re a bit hairy and blemished with bunions, ingrowing toenails and they smell.
Sorry about that.
So I’m always intrigued by the line in Isaiah 52 that says “How beautiful… are the feet.” What COULD be beautiful about feet? Functional, yes. Beautiful, no.
But the verse explains it: “How beautiful are the feet of those that bear good news
Isaiah is in mid-prophetic stride (geddit?) and he is looking forwards, through Israel’s downfall and disaster into exile. The very constituent factors of national life (king-land-temple) are all going to fail and fall. He looks into the exile itself, its sorrow and sense of bereavement (“How we wept when we remembered Zion”) but then something unexpected occurs. Something new and wonderful. A messenger arrives with news of return, restoration and the revival of a nation’s hopes.
How wonderful are…

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