Where do you put your push?

You know what I mean? We get a certain amount of time. Our days are numbered. We have a sell-by date.

We also have a certain amount of energy, resources, opportunity.

So the question Jesus posed, in a hundred different ways was: Where do you put your push? Be cautious, that is to say, about putting it in the wrong place. The wrong place might be a wrong relationship. You might put all your heart, your love, your dreams into a false place. Don’t cast your pearls before swine. Jesus said succinctly.

The wrong place might be a false partnership. Can believers be yoked with unbelievers? It’s like people who are already pulling apart even before they’ve come together. A yoke is a working partnership. Can two walk together unless they be agreed?

And what about the push for security?

I was brought up in a very Save-Save  kind of mentality. Save for a rainy day. Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. Work hard, save hard. Buy a house. Put down your roots. Leave a financial legacy. Store up for yourselves and for your children treasures on earth, in fact.

Jesus spoke differently, and it took me many years before I heard this correctly. Here it is:

‘Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal; but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’ Matthew 6:19-21

Why not store up treasures on earth? Jesus is explicit. Because the care for that will consume you. Once you’ve acquired your dream house you still have to finance the mortgage. You are tied to it. You have to maintain it. And if its big and impressive enough, you better get good insurance, and a burglar alarm. Best build big fences, barbed wire compound, guard turrets so that no one can break in.

And then, safe within your protected castle dream, the moths can still eat it up. Dry rot. Mould. Everything breaks sometime.

I read about this guy who built a dream house and then lived in a caravan, inviting people to view through windows so it didn’t get spoiled. True story.

Is this where you put your push?,

Of course theres a balance. In fact, do what  you like. Paul said that everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.

The main question is the concluding point:  Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  So where do you put your heart? The idea of push suggests energy and drive, but the word heart suggests affection, commitment, love.

Could it be that your drive for stuff could actually usurp first place in your heart?

Seeek first the Kingdom of God, right?

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3 Responses to Where do you put your push?

  1. Noel mills says:

    good stuff

  2. The whole thing is great but I am especially blessed by the first half, warning about relationships and partnerships. I think I’ll share this on fb.

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