Be with the one you love

They say that dog owners get to look like their dogs. (And I’ve seen the Internet evidence to “prove” it!).


And it is certainly so that you become like the people you love. You never do what you know they would dislike, or what would cause them distress. If things go wrong in that relationship, then doesn’t it mean that at some level there’s a failure of love?

And that’s a wound that needs healing. And that takes time.

So here’s this morning’s verse: Those of you who love the Lord, hate evil! God guards the lives of his faithful ones, delivering them from the power of the wicked.” (Psalm 97:10).

And that is the heart of this verse. If  you…love the Lord  then you keep clear of the things that God keeps clear of! It’s never a matter of rules and regulations, it’s a matter of relationship.

And that phrase hate evil doesn’t imply angry letters to the newspapers or microphone rants, or Facebook posts about “What’s wrong with the world?” It means a positive intimacy with the Lord of your life. It’s moral choosing: This…and not that. Here… and not there.

The consequences of wrong choices are deadly. They take you out of the safe-zone of His arms into the power of the wicked, just as surely as leaving the umbrella leaves you open to the rain.

My choice is to stay close. His promise is to keep me safe. He guards…He delivers.

And, in Christ, He rescues.

Today, Lord, I reach out to find you.

Hold me close. Keep me safe. Help me to choose well today.

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One Response to Be with the one you love

  1. Karin Mensah de Vries says:

    Really like the consequences of wrong choices are deadly and that those choices shouldn’t be based on rules but on a living relationship with our savior. Amen to that.

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