The Business of Going

Go and preach the gospel.” (Mark 16:15).“Go and make disciples” (Mathew 28:19).

As has been often noted, the first two letters of the word Gospel are G-O! And in the final commands of Jesus here, the same response is demanded. We are in the business of going.

The truth is, however, that the world is full of Christians in retreat. We have retreated when we ought to advance.

In one of his books, the famous Methodist evangelist E. Stanley Jones commented that the first Christians didn’t wring their hands in despair and say, “Look what the world has come to.” Instead with great delight they declared, “Look what has come to the world.” It’s never been easy to be a Christian. It wasn’t then, it isn’t now. Blessed are they who are so excited about Jesus that they simply can’t keep quiet about it.

But the “business of going” sometimes prompts a flurry of activity unmatched by a precise knowledge of spiritual geography. I mean to say that we are unsure of where to go and how we are to “preach” and “disciple.”

So here are three areas where I strongly believe that we ought to make an impact for the gospel:

1) Education—Where we train the leaders of tomorrow.

2) Business and Industry—Where decisions are made that affect millions of people.

3) Entertainment—Where values are determined for the next generation.

Just look at what has come to the world. Just consider the opportunities open to us now as never before.


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