What’s wrong with Facebook? Is it worth saying?

Dr Ken Baker


The Facebook people have made a good living from exploiting our need to make links… to communicate…

But how can it be wrong to express your feelings… to share information… chat?

Of course it’s not wrong. It’s not the need to talk that’s out of balance. It’s the sheer bulk of drivel that threatens to overwhelm real communication.

Wasn’t it Mark Twain –reflecting on a new US telegraph link who said something like “Now you can speak almost instantly from New York to Philadelphia… It remains to be seen whether you can find something worth saying.”

And that’s the point isn’t it?

The writer of Ecclesiastes made the same weary point thousands of years ago. “Of making books there is no end.” Of communicating, he meant. And it was the same guy shaking his head wearily saying “Vanity, vanity…”

We are drowning in a sea of chatter.

And all around…

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