“I’m not finished with you yet!”


“The Lord will vindicate me; your love, Lord, endures for ever – do not abandon the works of your hands.”(Psalm 138:8)

The three statements here belong together. a declaration that God will “vindicate” or finish what He started (gamar –to complete); a character statement that God’s love is enduring and eternal; and then a plea for Him not to abandon the work He has begun.

It’s very comforting to know that the Lord will not begin to interpose in my behalf, and then abandon me, as if He was one of those jerry builders who rips the wall out and then runs off with my deposit.  What He promises to do, He does. He wouldn’t promise to save me, and then fail to fulfil his promise. He would not encourage me, and then shrug me off. No. Grace will complete what grace begins. Why? Because His love endures forever. In a modern version: “His love never quits!” Loving is how He is.

And He says, “I’m not done with you yet!”

If that is good news about God, it’s also good news about you and me: This is not the finished article. We’re not yet completed, He’s still making us! We’re still being chiselled and shaped and conformed to Jesus’ likeness. He chose us “to be conformed to the image of His son.” (Romans 8:29).

Our relationship with Jesus is still developing and deepening.  Jesus served us first, and from that place of being served by Him, we can serve Him. What God did for me was turn my focus from myself and toward Jesus. This may seem simple, but it is a paradigm shift in living as a human being.

When our hearts are focused on Jesus we see His servanthood and selflessness, and we see the image to which we’re being conformed. This changes us because we join Jesus in his mission and work on the earth. This is the context in which this moulding, shaping and transforming takes place. No matter where we’ve fallen or cracked, the Maker has a grand design and intention for us that is not yet complete.

Lord, I won’t let past failures dictate my standing before you. I rejoice today that you use every circumstance to make me more like Jesus. Today I accept your invitation again to join you in your work.

Thank you that you’ve not done with us yet.

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