The Promise of Repair

s type jag

“ “I will restore you to health
    and heal your wounds,”
declares the Lord.”
(Jeremiah 30:17)

We used to have a 1965 S-Type Jaguar in the garage, under a vast, mottled, army surplus tarpaulin. Its huge 3.8 litre engine was destined never to throb into life –not once! – during my entire childhood. It was broken.

Jeremiah must have looked at the state of his nation the way I looked at that car. So much potential! So much loss!

“Waiting on the Lord” is not an idle, passive activity. It is waiting that is passionate and active. It is about calling for reform in the world, personal and social. In Jeremiah’s case it was about speaking from prison about hope beyond exile, of envisioning that through commitment to the old covenant expectations there would be a day when again the sound of joy would be heard in the streets. Jeremiah hopes not only that one day there will be a king who will reshape the people’s lives, but that, even against all that circumstance dictates, kingship itself would be reshaped so as to make new life possible.

Hope in the coming of the Lord is always grounded in God’s own action. The prophet speaks words of return (Jer 31:2- 14, 23-26), of new life (Jer 31:27-30), of a new covenant (Jer 31:31-34). and of healing (Jer 30:12-17),

One day that car will be itself again! Wait and see!

He bases his hope on what God was like. If God promises something, will He not see it through? Will He not be faithful to His word? Will He stop loving?  Will His word ever lose its rock-like certainty?

The answer is no.

And so we wait. The car is still under wraps but there is a guaranteed promise of repair. One day. You’ll see.

This is not just about waiting and waiting for God to fulfil his promise.  It is also about our being transformed through our waiting.

When I go to the Doctor’s Waiting Room, I wait with purpose, not on the off-chance that something useful or satisfactory will ensue.

Lord, I sometimes feel that I’m like that car. I’m frustrated by my lack of performance. Help me to trust you for healing, for a recovery of health and for a release of my full potential.

Keep me looking forward to where you are leading.

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