The Moment when Grace gets Amazing

woman in adulteryThere’s a moment when you understand a little of how God feels about you.

Jesus looked into the face of a woman caught in sin, exposed, humiliated and ready to be judged and found guilty (John 8), and he said: “I do not condemn you. Go and sin no more.” The Bible doesn’t tell us of her feelings as she looks up at him, and slowly rises to her feet, and begins her life again, but how will she not feel loved, accepted, freed? In an instant, she would be washed over with sheer relief and astonished by grace. Her shoulders would slowly go back, and her head straighten. I am not condemned. I am free. I am loved.

That’s the moment.

Jesus made a fire and started baking fish over the coals (John 21). Peter recognizes him from a distance, hurls himself from the boat and staggers through the shallows. Maybe his stride falters as he remembers the night when he stood by another fire of coals and denied even knowing Jesus. Jesus asks “Do you love me?” three times, echoing the three denials. The pain and brokenness is confronted. Peter is not condemned. He rises to serve his master. I am free to follow. I am loved.

That’s the moment.

Jesus told a story about a man who had wandered far from his father, squandering his inheritance and breaking his father’s heart (Luke 15). He does it openly, rebelliously, and with a lot of dramatic flair. And when he comes to his senses and realizes what a mess he has made of everything, he trails home, brokenly, expecting a telling-off and receiving a hero’s welcome.

“Why?” says the elder brother. “Why are you making such a fuss about such a loser?”

“Because he’s my son. Because he was lost and has come home.”

That’s the moment. That was the explanation that Jesus gave to tell people a little of how God feels about us.

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