Jesus as a toddler: Shock Exposé

baby superman.jpg“The Child grew…”

“And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on him.” (Luke 2:40)

It’s fascinating to consider that this verse in Luke 2 (and the story that follows it) is all the Bible tells us about the early life of Jesus. “The child grew…” Even though there are many apocryphal tales, it seems clear that these were made up much later to satisfy a miracle-hungry paparazzi.

Sometimes, in biographical accounts, the writer shows incredible things happening in the childhood of his subject to foreshadow the greatness which is to come. Sometimes those are the things that we look open-mouthed at and use to create a distance between the Famous Person and us.

But with Jesus, there’s nothing  to see here. “The child grew…” Well, what did you expect? He was a normal human being, and he developed his muscles, his appetite, along with his mind and heart. Here’s how he grew: He grew in body (“strong”); he grew in mind ( “filled with wisdom”) and he grew in spirit (“the grace of God was on him”).

Help me Lord, to grow up,

In body, (I want to take dieting, self-control and exercise seriously);

In mind, (I want to think things through more, and reflect more carefully on the world around me);

And in spirit, (Lord, let your grace be upon me, and make me ready to receive all that you have for me).


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