Character cannot be developed in isolation

Character-Development-C.jpgOccasionally one comes across a statement that has the effect of causing the listener to stop and take stock of what is actually being said as well as the implications that stem from the statement.

I experienced this recently when listening to a speaker addressing the issue of leadership and personal development. I have since pondered the comment seeking to examine further how true its claim really is; its credibility given the simple but profound truth it encapsulates in so few words. So what is the statement that had and continues to provoke my thoughts?

The speaker simply stated that ‘character is the only virtue that cannot be developed in isolation!’ Whether we agree fully or partly with this statement it is important for those of us that are involved in the people ‘business’. It infers that our various interactions, forced or willing, shallow or substantive, occasional or constant, with our families, friends, colleagues, neighbours and our enemies, are all contributory factors in shaping who we are and what we become.

Therefore, viewing our day-to-day experiences and interactions in this way offers an alternative frame-of-reference to the default lenses of conflict, tension, and exasperation through which we can view the world.

May God grant us all the grace to see others as part of our journey of developing into the fullness of Christ and not as impediments to it. Amen.

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