“So much fun it’s sinful”??

That was the tagline on an online casino that popped up on my laptop this morning. Interesting thought, isn’t it? The first implication is that gambling is fun, and whereas it might well be, it is certainly addictive, and like all potential addictions, to be handled with extreme care. But it’s the other implication that stuck in my mind, that fun and sin go together… and that popular misconception that the Jesus way is the avoidance of fun.

It’s a familiar slur, and not without some truth. After all, did you know that the seventeenth century Puritans banned Christmas because it was too worldly!
“So much fun it’s sinful”? The line endorses the view that the Christian life is joyless, dreary, negative, and boring. Christians are boring people. They don’t know how to have fun. That’s the message. But God has built fun into the lives of His people. God tells us to work for 6 days and to rest on the seventh. This seventh day is meant to be a day of leisure, a day away from our work, a day in which we both pray and play. Well….we make it half way. We play and dont pray!

But the principle in today’s reading is this: “WHATEVER you do, do it for his glory.”

There can be no secular/ sacred split because God is lord over the whole of life. That’s why Kaka (for example) insists that he plays football “to the glory of God.” That’s why the ministry of pastors or missionaries is no “higher” than that of nurses or engineers or coach drivers or ….(fill in your own blank here). It’s just your particular area in which to glorify God.

How do you do that? By living out your particular life to the full. Joyfully.

Jesus said “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” He asks – I believe- that we take joy seriously! Life comes from God and is to be offered to him. The sabbath principle is a recognition that EVERY day is holy to the Lord. The tithe principle is a recognition that ALL our money and goods and time is a gift from God. The Israel principle is that every nation is chosen and loved. The one stands for the all because God is lord of all.

So whatever you do, live your life to the full, before God and for his glory.

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3 Responses to “So much fun it’s sinful”??

  1. brendan says:

    Ken ! Its brendan here. I fully agree about fun . Those old Puritans first solid building in America was a brewery ! Since Gregory’s emissary was sent to “romanise” England and found the english pagans busy doing the mid winter solstice , cute fox pope gregory adopted the festivities into the traditions and called it Christmas , this strategy has been the success of that empire grafting in anything ( talk about being all things to all men ) to make the religion more widely acceptable . Jesus is the reason for our Christmas ( like many ) and the fun of having friends and family around ( eating my burnt mince pies !) centred on His incarnation is great . Laughter is like medicine , i would joke at work ” the absence of good wages we can leave this planet laughing ” I have never has so much fun since i left despair to know Jesus . yer mon.

    • kenbaker says:

      Thanks for that. Looking forward to lots of fun at Bandon

      • brendan says:

        Ok i was shrinking away from a full on confession . Every light in me goes on as i speak to people about Jesus. That is my greatest Joy (was often done over a pint of great beer in England) . Jesus is even greater good news in light of so worsening hopelessness in this world .Yes not only did he die in stead of us to pay for our sins and save us from hell, But He came that we can KNOW the creator of the universe. What a joy/Fun to be able to say I know Jesus and He knows me ! I am hopping ( excited !) already that someone reading might grab this. They throw a party in heaven when one person comes to Jesus receiving eternal life ! ( sounds very religious eternal life ?? Que , wah ?)
        Religion does not do this but a relationship does ! He came down ! religion says try to go up ( usually selling what’s already free ). Jesus defined eternal life as Knowing the one true God and Jesus Christ whom He sent . Just downing a cup of black tarry homemade earl grey ( not lady grey . Builders grey ,, tea pot on the stove,,,) Totally enjoying it . contrast the pious religious plonker tea sipper of CS lewis’s screw tape files .
        Yes Ken I am one of those having so much fun the stiffs don’t think i am saved .

        yer mon again !

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