When opinions collide


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Here’s Wendy Gritter speaking of how to work together when there are differing opinions among Christians:

“Generous spaciousness isn’t a moral statement. It is a way of being together. It acknowledges that for a lot of reasons, including both legitimate and questionable ones, followers of Jesus land in different places on these questions.

This reality isn’t likely to go away any time soon. So generous spaciousness makes room for people to wrestle, to discern, to change their mind, to clarify their beliefs and values, to sustain living in alignment with their convictions, and to follow their conscience. The only way this can thrive is if people have confidence in entrusting one another to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

This frees all of us from argument, persuasion, and anxiety. Instead of trying to change or control each other, we can be focused on our shared love for Christ and putting our energy into loving each other. Not just the Hallmark kind of love. But the costly, blood, sweat, and tears kind of love. The kind of love that grieves with each other, celebrates with each other, moves heavy furniture on hot, humid days, cooks vegan for the potluck, listens deeply, bites one’s tongue, extends the benefit of the doubt, chooses to trust, cultivates patience, extends kindness, corrects with gentleness, and intentionally finds concrete characteristics to affirm and encourage.

Generous spaciousness keeps on making room for the other.”

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