Neglect and you will be neglected…?

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“There are three people you will be judged heavily

on how you treat them in this lifetime.

For the man, it is his mother for giving him life,

his wife for showing him life,

and his daughter for teaching her all that he has learned from life.


For the woman, it is her father for giving her the seed of life,

her husband for showing her life,

and her son for teaching him all that she has learned from life.


How a person treats their parents is how they show their gratefulness to the Creator for life.

How a husband and wife treat each other, is how they show the Creator how well they do with this gift of life, how well they value and honor the sacred oath they made before him, and how well they understand the Lord and his religion, LOVE.

A father must be good to his wife and daughter, because from watching this treatment — the son will learn how to treat all women, and his daughter will know what a good man is supposed to act like.

And a mother must always remain morally good and faithful to her husband, be attentive to all her children, and be filled with patience, forgiveness, kind words, compassion and love — so her children are raised to respect all mothers, and know what a good woman is supposed to act like.

If you neglect your fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands, and wives, then don’t be surprised when the Creator is forced to neglect you.

Neglect, and you will be neglected.

Protect, and you will be protected. Reject, and you will be rejected.

Love all, and all that love will be mirrored by the Creator — and reflected back onto YOU.”
Suzy Kassem

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