The church will grow…

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…if it is  outward-looking.

The more occasions for church folk to meet non-church the better. There’s no point in hiding within the church’s walls expecting people to come in. Invite them – or even better, go out.

…if it is useful.

A church is part of a community – so what’s it doing for the community? It may not be preaching, but ministry is witness.

…if it gets the basics right.

If everyone feels cared for, no one feels excluded and church life is reasonably well organised, incomers can soon feel at home.

…if it connects faith and life.

The three questions of a text – What does it say, what does it mean and what does it mean to me? – are excellent for preachers to keep in mind, especially the last one. Church on Sunday should fit us for life on Monday.

…if it is God-centred.

A church is different from the world, or there’s no point in it being a church at all. By all means be accessible – but be different. Pray. Think. Offer people a different way of looking at life, and a different drum to march by.


Just trying to get as simple as possible here.
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